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Traci Moriarty CPDT-KA
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Traci Moriarty CPDT-KA
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Durango Dog College

Durango Dog College LLC is a professionally shared indoor dog training facility located in Durango, CO.  We provide lessons with one-on-one instruction with a certified trainer, group classes, and in-home, private training.  
Our trainers are nationally Certified Dog Trainers who successfully prepare you and your dog for such tests as the AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Test, Therapy Dog testing and training, and general Manners and Obedience. 
We train by using positive reinforcement that is based on proven, science-based techniques that are efficient, fair and fun for both the dog and his handler.

Group classes and Canine Manners are taught by Certified Trainer Traci Moriarty CPDT-KA.  Some of the classes she offers include:

Basic Manners
Puppy Classes
Outdoor Manners (included dinner at Homeslice Pizzas Patio)
Therapy dog Classes
Senior only classes (see below)

Traci is a force-free dog trainer! She has been a professional member of The Pet Professionals Guild for several years. To be in anyway affiliated with the Pet Professional Guild, all members must adhere to a strict code of conduct. Pet Professional Guild Members Understand Force-Free to mean: no shock, no pain, no choke, no fear, no physical force, no physical molding, no compulsion based methods are employed to train or care for a pet. As a proud member of The Pet Professional Guild you can comfortably refer pet owners to your Guild colleagues, knowing they follow our guiding principles!
Traci is certified in Pet First Aid by The Pet Professionals Guild. Her goal is to one teach this as a class for Pet Guardians.
One of Traci's passions is therapy and service dog training. She has successfully trained over a dozen therapy dogs for K9to5 National Therapy Dog Registry in the last year alone. In addition, she has taught public manners for five Service dogs (two diabetic alert dogs, one epileptic seizure alert dog, one PTSD comfort dog and a mobility assistant dog.)
Traci also teaches Classes at The Senior Center. Last year, eight senior dog owners passed the CGC test after classes. Her goal this year is to help twenty seniors to pass with their dogs :)
Her favorite day of the week is Saturday where Traci hosts a Supervised Socialization ...where she helps dogs and their Guardians understand proper play!
Most Recently Traci has Found the sport of NOSEWORK and she has jumped in with everything she has to offer this sport to her clients. Competing with Murphy in Nosework Trials has given her what she never thought she would have ..A HEART DOG!

Hello Friends,

My hope with this letter is to let you know a little about me. It was my Dog Dodger with his "issues" that started me on my path to be a dog trainer, but it has been my most recent pup Clare that has really made me shine.

In 2010 when I found myself laid off and not working I approached a dog trainer to see if they needed an “Assistant”. After volunteering my time for two Basic Obedience classes I was asked if this was something I wanted to do for a living. I have always loved animals and grew up having no less then 3 dogs at given time so it seemed natural. Little did I know that I would finally find my true passion in life.
After a 14th month apprenticeship which included; teaching Basic Obedience Classes, helping create a curriculum, reading 15 training books (suggested by APDT), Running a supervised Socialization hour, and various “chores” around the training center, I was ready to take my CCPDT test.
I believe it very important to join an organization like APDT and The Pet Professional Guild because it holds you accountable to continuing your education in your field. It was this expectation that made me feel that becoming a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer –Knowledge Assessed was important. When The Association Of Pet Dog Trainers created My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life And Social Skills) I became the 1st evaluator in the State of Colorado and one of the 1st 100 in the country! I am so proud of this program it fits the needs and wants of pet owners everywhere and it is a Purely Positive form of training! C.L.A.S.S. helps owners look at themselves as a team! This is where Clare comes in, Clare is a Registered Therapy dog with K9to5 National Therapy Dog Registy. She has her AKC Canine Good Citizen certification too!
Using the CLASS approach with Clare has helped us obtain these goals. Having a therapy dog like Clare has shown me how you can change a persons day and life. When she sits and lets a young child read to her it’s amazing to watch the child gain confidence. It is equally impressive to watch her pride show when I bring out her special collar and leash we use when she is working. She knows her job and she does it so well!
I have several mentors. Ian Dunbar being one and the highest on my list. I fashion my approach to dog training after something he once said. “Ignore the behavior you don't want, Reward the behavior you do want and manage the behavior you cant ignore!” With positive reward based training this can be achieved.
I hope this has given you a glimpse into why I became a dog trainer.

Feel free to contact me personally with any of your dog training questions. 970 946 9116 or email me at [email protected]

Pawsitive thoughts ~

Traci Moriarty
Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed® (CPDT-KA®)
A.K.C CGC evaluator~ K9to5 National Therapy Dog Registry evaluator

Nosework Intructor Certified by  Andrew Ramsey Nosework